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"I must say Faststang70 is the most ligit business person on this form. His service is 100% satisfaction, it was a pleasure and the lights look. It is one of my most complemented items in my car!"
- Dsh897, VWvortex Member

"BUMP for a badass dude. I ordered them on wednesday and got them today since he dropped them off AT MY HOUSE and gave me my shipping money back. Who knew that he lived in my area!!!!"
- boraIV, Member

"These rule, you will not be disappointed"
- SquirrelVR6, VWvortex Member

"...great customer service"
- MMichaelJJ, VWvortex Member

"I bought lights from him, I will post pics soon. You could trust him he ships quickly and will answer questions even after you receive your order. for good customer service."
- Golf_FL, VWvortex Member

"Just wanted to give a quick to Fastang!! I ordered the dome, visor, and rear lights, all red, for my 2003 Jetta, last Wednesday or Thursday... I just finished installing them, total time about 1 hour, and the car never looked sweeter! I went with the red because they don't kill night vision... critical when you're piloting an airplane at night (which I do)... we use nothing but red lights to light up the panel and to read maps by... the great thing is that these leds are a lot brighter than the ones in the planes I fly. Great work!"
- Neo79, VWvortex Member

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